Wall Climbing

An exhilarating adventure awaits with The Club’s Wall Climbing feature. Experience a different kind of thrill as the lush surroundings stimulate your senses while you conquer the Wall. Regular instructors are available for the safety of the climbers, making this an exciting activity for guests of all ages.

Test yourself at the Club’s climbing wall! Built for every climber at any skill level, scaling the climbing wall is an enjoyable way to build and tone your muscles and strengthen your core. The wall, designed with a variety of slopes and hangs, gives you a choice of going for a climb of endurance or one requiring many power raises. You can even climb it simply for fun! Whether you are a novice or a professional climber, the climbing wall is sure to boost up your energy. Elevate your sense of accomplishment as the Club’s wall climbing reinvigorates you to take on any challenge!